Major Conferences

ACC - 15 Teams/$23.49/$3.00

American - 11 Teams/$17.49/$2.20

Big East - 11 Teams/$17.49/$2.20

Big Ten - 14 Teams/$21.95/$2.80

Big 12 - 10 Teams/$15.95/$2.00

SEC - 14 Teams/$21.95/$2.80

PAC-12 - 12 Teams/$18.95/$2.40

All Major Conference Teams - 87 Teams/$131.95/$17.40

Tournament Teams

NCAA Final  4  - 4 Teams/$6.95/$.80

NCAA Elite  8  - 8 Teams/$12.95/$1.60

NCAA Sweet  16  - 16  Teams/$24.95/$3.20

NCAA 32 - 32 Teams/$48.95/$6.40

NCAA 68 - 68 Teams/$102.95/$13.60

NCAA Final 4 (W) - 4 Teams/$6.95/$.80

NCAA Elite 8 (W) - 8 Teams/$12.95/$1.60

Game Components - $15.95

'22 Season Update

Several groupings of the mens 2021-22

DI teams have been carded and are now

available. They may also be purchased

individually. The groups include all of

the men's major conference teams,

all of men's NCAA teams, the 43 mens

Coaches Poll teams, and the 58 mens

mid-major teams who received a vote.

The womens NCAA Elite Eight teams

have also been carded. Team cards are

also available for any carded team.

Team Cards

Team cards are designed to play

Classic College & Pro Basketball™ using

one card per team. Team cards are available

for all of these college teams. To order

a team card set(s) click the basketball next

  to the add to cart button. The price of a

card set varies by the number of teams in a

conference, or other groupings. When playing

Classic College & Pro Basketball™ with

team cards you'll use with the same game

components as with the player card version.

Game Components

A set of game components is needed to play

the Classic College & Pro Basketball game.

They include: a four-color game box, charts, instructions, scoresheets, and factor cards.

All card sets include printed envelopes.

To order game components please use the

Game Components Add To Cart button.

Flat Rate Postage

The flat rate shipping for any order is $8.49,

and must be added to your order [one time] using the Add To Cart button shown left.

Flat Rate Postage - $8.49

Game Components

Flat Rate Postage (add once for this order)

Classic College & Pro Basketball 2021-22 Player Cards • Team Cards • Game Components

Links to 2021-22 Team Post Season Tournaments & Ranking Info

Other Teams

Coaches Poll Top 25 - 25 Teams/$38.49/$5.00

Coaches Poll Top 20 - 20 Teams/$30.95/$4.00

Coaches Poll Top 10 - 10 Teams/$15.95/$2.00

All Coaches Poll Teams  - 43 Teams/$65.49/$8.60

Mid-Major Top 25 - 25 Teams/$38.49/$5.00

All Mid-Major Poll Teams  - 58 Teams/$87.95/$11.60

Mid-Major Top 20 - 20 Teams/$38.49/$4.00

Mid-Major Top 10 - 10 Teams/$15.95/$2.00

All Americans - $2.50

Cupcakes - 11 Teams/$17.49/$2.20

NIT - 32 Teams/$48.95/$6.40

CBI - 16 Teams/$24.95/$3.20

TBC - 18 Teams/27.95/$3.60